Nails for national day

May 17th is Norway’s constitution day. On this day – those of us who have – we put on our national costumes (we call them BUNAD)and polish our national costume shoes, iron the Norwegian flag, and shout three times HURRA(Y)! Plus we eat hotdogs and ice cream.

Since I have (what I think is) a beautiful national costume, I don’t want to wear too crazy nail polish. Soo, for this day I wore the classic french look. Maybe a littlebit weird, since I’m celebrating NORWAY, and not FRANCE, but hey 😉

Freehand white tips with pearly white topping. And my silver for my national costume. My national costume is from Bergen, a city that is known for it’s rainy days, and some of my silver is shaped as umbrellas. You can’t really see it here though.

With flash!

If you want to see what my bunad looks like, click here. This version shows the dark silver, but as you can see on the pictures above, my silver is white with gold leaves. Looks great with my blonde hair 😉

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4 Responses to Nails for national day

  1. Nailtastic seier:

    Väldigt fin fransk!

  2. Ingridpingrid seier:

    Å herrehuuuud .. gief mig!

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